Shiba Inu dog Small 4 – 8lbs (White if possible) for a companion because I can’t get out much since the pandemic and I stay in my room because I have a communication barrier with my parents so I try to stay away, it’s not been easy on me because I have no one to talk to but a dog (but I don’t have one and we don’t have the money to buy a dog because it’s very pricey). But my parents don’t understand why I need a dog because I can’t come to them and talk because they believe that I’m arguing even though I’m trying to explain, so I feel isolated and can only talk to my Ex boyfriend and his girlfriend but my other friends I’ve haven’t been able to reach them and they don’t seem to care that I’m hurting (but I would never hurt myself or others because that’s not in my nature) besides I have some Native American Indian in me and I believe it’s wrong to hurt myself or others. My Birthday is in April 28th, I can hardly wait.